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Now, We Wait...

Hello. This is my first post on this blog so I've decided to use something I wrote a few weeks ago just to give you a taste of what this blog will contain. Any suggestions or questions on specific topics are welcome. Please remember that this is slightly dated in some parts but for the most part it contains my thoughts on the way the season has gone. I will be working on a recap of last night's game against Charlotte as well as any breaking news regarding trades and so forth.

Purple and gold littered the Verizon Center as the Washington Wizards took the court Tuesday night to take on the Lakers of Los Angeles. The Wiz actually managed to stay even with the World Champions for most of the first half but it became evident in the second quarter that the Wizards just aren't as deep as they seemed to be heading into the season. Nick Young was inactive and nowhere to be seen. Dominic McGuire played only two minutes and twenty five seconds while JaVale McGee saw a measly 30 seconds. Theres no question that this team has acquired young players who have some talent, but talent doesn't go hand in hand with performance. That being said, the young guys aren't the only thing wrong with this team. Caron Butler has taken a big step backwards from last season and seems to be struggling to find his role within Saunders' offense. Antawn Jamison is the most consistent player on the team and can really turn it on at times but his defense is suspect and he seems to be more of a small forward- Pau Gasol went to town on him Tuesday night. Brendan Haywood is having an impressive season but he really doesn't have much of a post game. I've been really impressed with Andray Blatche throughout his time with the Wizards but he has been largely inconsistent.

So the Zards' ended up dropping yet another game: 103-115. At this point it's astounding to think that some were predicting the Wizards to finish with the fifth seed in the East. Certainly a lot of us thought they'd be playoff contenders, and they still are in a sense considering at least two of the playoff teams in the East could be under .500 when all is said and done, but that chance is slowing slipping away. It's unfortunate but at this point it seems that Wizards fans will be waiting for a respectable team once again, waiting til March 26 when Gilbert Arenas' legal fate will be addressed, waiting til the trade deadline in February to see who will be shipped out. I don't know that there's anyone on this team who can't be had. The question is, who will it be? A quick search on the internet and you can find all kinds of rumors and ideas about who will/should be traded, but nothing has happened yet, and there's no guarantee that anything will. With Wednesday's news that Gilbert Arenas will be suspended without pay for the rest of the season, he becomes virtually impossible to trade this year. Antawn Jamison would be a nice piece for a team like Cleveland (as much as I hate to say it), but he's aging and may not be that attractive considering his contract doesn't expire for a couple years. Caron Butler may be the most “trade-able” out of all the players on this team, but the Wizards may be asking for a lot more than teams are willing to give up; let's face it, while he may be a star on this team, he'd most likely be the fourth or fifth best player on playoff-caliber teams. There will continue to be speculation until February's trade deadline about who will be traded, where they will be traded and for who, but one thing is for sure: the “Big 3” are now just 2. That's not to say we'll never see Agent Zero in a Wizards uniform again, but the chances of that are growing slimmer every day.

The foundation of this team is crumbling to the ground and the reinforcements can't support the weight of this franchise. The acquisition of Randy Foye and Mike Miller was satisfying and seems to have worked out well for the Wizards. This team needs more players like Mike Miller. The players on this roster have difficulty playing together as a team and much of that has to be attributed to the mindsets of the individual players. A coach can't step onto to the floor and make the extra pass for a better shot. There is a serious problem when a mild-mannered coach like Phil (Flip) Saunders calls out his players numerous times before the All-Star break in his first season as head coach. But Saunders has had success, he's coached teams that made it past the second round of the playoffs, and if he can't get these players to play as a team and fully buy in to what he's preaching, then I don't know that anyone can. So it seems to come down to the caliber of players that are a part of this team, but let us not forget who's brought these players here. Don't get me wrong, Ernie Grunfeld has made some great moves to help this team, however, he has not done a great job at getting team players. So what will be Ernie's future with this organization? With different reports circling about Ted Leonsis and whether or not he will take over ownership of the team, nothing with this organization is set in stone. It's very difficult to deal with the reality that Wizards fans are going to have to wait, once again, for a good team. But as the “MVP” chants rang out in the Phonebooth as Kobe Bryant stepped to the free-throw line, I couldn't help but shake my head and think about how far away the Washington Wizards are from being on the level of the Lakers. Now it seems the only thing to do is wait.

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